ProRes "Baked" Workflow
Please Provide: 
           1)  ProRes422HQ or ProRes4444 file (based on the camera’s chroma subsampling)
           2)  An H.264 offline reference file
           3)  An EDL of the timeline

Exporting the video file from Premiere:
           -  Ensure all media is linked to camera original / highest quality (no proxies)
           -  Make a copy of your locked creative timeline, call it “projectname_4color”
           -  Remove all temp color & LUTs (see example below)
           -  Remove all superimposed text/titles (you will lay these back over the eventual colored file.)
           -  Remove any dips to black (to prevent quantization/banding, these will be recreated after color.)

Important boxes to tick in the “video” export tab for Premiere users:
           -  Use Maximum Depth
           -  Use Maximum Render Quality
           -  Export an EDL of the timeline (will be used to re-slice the timeline)

Removing temp color & LUT's in Premiere

premiere export settings